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Stand & Deliver is a global firm specializing in
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2023 Inspired Leadership Series

Differentiate Your Voice.

Stand & Deliver hosts a dynamic, immersive, live invitational series designed for leaders from across industries and around the world. Guided by our faculty and our high-performance communication methodology, participants learn tools and techniques to quickly elevate their ability to lead and communicate with relevance, clarity, and impact. Like our signature programs, our Global Labs offer the opportunity to receive insightful feedback and increase impact and influence in all areas of life.

Register Today—San Francisco, August 29-30

Register Today—Munich, 12-13 September 

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Presence & Storytelling

Real leadership depends on more than the quality of information and ideas. In a world that’s increasingly overloaded with information, leaders who can add meaning to data will distinguish themselves. They’ll be better at building trust with their teams. At connecting more deeply with their clients. At making an impact in the world.

For intelligent, experienced leaders, the challenge is to step beyond what’s merely working well and stretch into possibilities for truly transformational influence. This requires tools for creating clear, relevant and unforgettable messages—and a methodology for tapping into and activating a deeper purpose.

This is a two-day series for executives at all levels who need to motivate and inspire others, deliver important messages and move people to action.

  • Read the room and adapt to quickly build rapport and trust.
  • Communicate ideas with clarity, confidence, and relevance for greater impact.
  • Facilitate more inclusive and productive meetings.
  • Use stories effectively to put a memorable, human face on information.
  • Manage your mindset in the face of challenges and difficult situations.

Day One: Presence is for leaders and managers to develop:

  • Techniques to improve your relevance and influence
  • Non-verbal tools to build trust and increase the impact of your communication
  • Agility in adapting your message for stakeholders

Day Two: Storytelling is for those who want to learn:

  • How to Deliver a Story in an authentic and effective style
  • How to structure a story to build tension, humor and insight.of situations
  • How to build a catalog of business-relevant stories that can be adapted for a variety of settings

2023 Leadership Series

Program tuition:

Full two-day series—Presence & Storytelling: $1999

Either single day program: $1499

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