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Stand & Deliver is a global firm specializing in
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Case Study

Mike Kearney

As the world’s largest consultancy, Deloitte knows firsthand the value of high-performance communication. When Stand & Deliver was approached by the London-based company in 2010, Mike Kearney was leading Deloitte Client Experience Labs (now Deloitte Greenhouse) and looking to develop its team of facilitators.

Stand & Deliver worked with Mike and the facilitators to help them tell more engaging stories, command the room, address conflict and encourage breakthroughs for their clients. As a result of those sessions, Stand & Deliver was invited to train hundreds more team members, a relationship that continues to this day. The impact was transformative, especially for the more introverted members of the team.

“There were certain individuals who had a difficult time opening up and exposing the parts of themselves that creates trust with an audience,” Mike said. “They blossomed after the trainings.”

Deloitte has since partnered with Stand & Deliver to create a new program: Confidence in the C-Suite. Stand & Deliver worked with senior Deloitte stakeholders to understand the challenges their partners were facing when conducting consultative business-development conversations—and co-designed a curriculum to close the gap.

“One of the main reasons I was interested in working with Stand & Deliver is that I like to bring in expertise outside of the core business world. The fact that (Stand & Deliver has) that arts background, initially people were like, ‘I don’t know if this makes sense.’ But I said, ‘What we do is all art, this is all theater.’ We have a lot to learn, and we have learned a lot.”


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