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Stand & Deliver is a global firm specializing in
communication and leadership consulting

In-Company Programs

Effective communication is essential to delivering bottom-line results. In a competitive world, organizations gain an edge when their teams are aligned around shared goals, and even more so when they’re effective at communicating their message to customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Stand & Deliver offers signature two-day programs that address these needs and other key topics affecting teams and organizations: Speak to InspirePowerful ConversationsHigh-Performing TeamsStorytelling in ActionInnovation & Creativity, as well as Media Training and a Virtual Academy for remote training. Each of these programs can be taken as a stand-alone session or as part of a more extensive curriculum tailored to individual needs.

Speak to Inspire

The spoken word is a powerful tool. When your message is delivered with clarity, consistency and relevance, it can capture a listener’s attention, exert influence and get results. Stand & Deliver’s foundational program helps teams show up with confidence, manage their “state,” deepen presence and “hold a room” in high-stakes situations.

With Speak to Inspire, you will learn how to:

  • Increase your ability to excite, engage and influence decision-makers
  • Deepen the relevance of messages, from conversation to presentation
  • Develop delivery to connect with audiences, in any medium
  • Deepen leadership presence and ability to “hold a room”
  • Develop a “pregame” routine for high-stakes engagements

Speak to Inspire is right for:

  • Leaders who need to motivate and inspire teams
  • Individuals delivering important messages, either internally or externally
  • New leaders transitioning into talent-development positions
Powerful Conversations

The most important conversations are the ones we tend to sidestep or downplay, often because we lack the tools to address sensitive subjects or confront difficult personalities. That these conversations have the potential to significantly affect our careers only makes it critical that we build the trust and rapport necessary to get results for ourselves and others.

With Powerful Conversations, you will learn how to:

  • Influence others more powerfully and authentically
  • Conduct “consultative conversations” that win buy-in
  • Respond effectively to bullies, saboteurs and antagonists
  • Lead better meanings, both internally and externally
  • Handle tough questions with poise and confidence
  • Negotiate more strategically and skillfully
  • Think on your feet under pressure
  • Gain self-awareness and understand how you affect others

Powerful Conversations is right for:

  • Teams having difficulty communicating with one another
  • Groups that need to share information and ideas more freely
  • Leaders who need to have difficult conversations regarding performance
  • Individuals encountering tough negotiations or crisis situations
High-Performing Teams

Research shows that 46 percent of employees regularly leave meetings without clear next steps. Often the culprit is a new or recently changed team working through its growing pains, but even experienced teams encounter roadblocks. Teams that establish trust, share a common vision and work together to achieve goals are more productive and successful.

With High-Perfoming Teams, you will learn how to:

  • Build trust in order to increase productivity
  • Discover where individual and organizational values intersect
  • Articulate a commitment to sustaining a vibrant, engaging culture
  • Increase clarity and alignment

High-Performing Teams is right for:

  • Newly formed teams
  • Teams that have undergone change or disruption
  • Established teams encountering roadblocks
  • Organizations interested in strengthening culture
Storytelling in Action

Moving an audience toward a desired result takes more than just cold, hard facts and supporting data. To influence decisions and create change, you’ve got to tell a good story. Successful storytellers appeal directly to their audiences through a combination of relatable, compelling language and warm, energetic delivery.

With Storytelling in Action, you will learn how to:

  • Identify key elements of story structure and apply them to your messages
  • Make stories more memorable by appealing to audiences’ emotions
  • Develop powerful sensory language
  • Deliver your story in authentic, dynamic ways

Storytelling in Action is right for:

  • Teams who struggle to have their ideas heard by decision-makers
  • Leaders who need to inspire and motivate their teams
  • Organizations who need to deliver their story with greater impact
Innovation and Creativity

The success of big ideas depends on fresh perspectives and calculated risk-taking, two ingredients that can confound even the most established organizations. Stand & Deliver brings together expertise from the worlds of education, improvisational theater, design and business to help teams apply new ways of thinking to old problems.

With Innovation and Creativity, you will learn how to:

  • Develop a “yes/and” mind-set and a more resourceful approach to innovation
  • Rapidly develop and prototype new ideas
  • Heighten attentiveness in order to discover unexpected answers
  • Deepen trust within your team
  • Build greater confidence in your own instincts and creativity in high-pressure situations

Innovation and Creativity is right for teams that:

  • Are mired in a culture of negativity
  • Need fresh perspectives to unsolved problems
  • Depend on creative solutions to remain competitive
  • Experience blocks in their approach to business challenges
  • Need to inject new energy and purpose during difficult periods
Media Training

In a culture where every leader’s action and reaction is analyzed in real time, the importance of properly articulating a message has never been greater. The upside to our interconnected world is that there are more ways than ever to get your message heard. Stand & Deliver’s media training team have themselves appeared in numerous high-profile news and media outlets, from CNN to NPR. We take the pressure out of high-stakes situations with strategies for staying composed and making your point stick.

Virtual Academy

Geography is no obstacle for Stand & Deliver. Whether your team is spread across the world or working remotely to build momentum as part of an existing program, our coaches meet you where you are to deliver our 12-part curriculum series or a tailored curriculum from the programs listed below. Each WebEx session consists of a plenary session followed by a small-group breakout session with a coach.

Contact us to find out which of the following Virtual Academy programs are right for you:

  • High Performance Communication Fundamentals
  • Personal Leadership Vision
  • Vision-Strategy-Execution
  • Leadership Presence
  • Peak Performance
  • Mastering Q&A
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Conducting a Client Interview
  • Performance Conversations
  • The 7 Languages of Leadership
  • Maintaining Momentum

Stand & Deliver speakers regularly appear at conferences and events, offering tools and inspiration. We are also available to speak before companies as part of interactive, high-touch sessions. Our dynamic, high-energy and relevant keynotes will jumpstart a conference, add color to an off-site or inject motivation at a challenging juncture for a team or organization.

Topics include:

  • Inspirational Leadership
  • High-Performance Communication
  • Women’s Leadership Voices
  • Messaging That Sticks
  • The Secret Language of Power
  • Storytelling in Action
  • Demystifying Presence
  • The Introvert’s Advantage
  • Personal Mission and Vision
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