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Stand & Deliver is a global firm specializing in
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2022 Speak to Inspire Invitational Program

Transform your ability to engage, influence and build trust.

Stand & Deliver hosts a dynamic, immersive virtual series designed for leaders from across industries and around the world. Guided by our faculty and our high-performance communication methodology, participants learn tools and techniques to quickly elevate their ability to lead and communicate with relevance, clarity, and impact. Like our signature programs, our Global Labs offer the opportunity to receive insightful feedback and increase impact and influence in all areas of life.

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Speak to Inspire

A program for executives at all levels who need to motivate and inspire others, deliver important messages and move people to action.

You will learn to

  • win greater buy-in from decision-makers,
  • connect with any audience,
  • deepen your leadership presence and your ability to hold a room, and
  • develop greater confidence and poise in high-pressure situations.

Powerful Conversations

Real leadership happens in unscripted moments. While dialogue may be unpredictable, the best leaders and teams prepare for it. Learn and practice tools for improving performance in client conversations, internal meetings, negotiations, and challenging situations.

You will learn to

  • Have consultative conversations;
  • Handle difficult dialogues;
  • Move ideas forward with a clear "conversation architecture" to rely on;
  • Build trust and influence, even when challenged;
  • Handle tough questions with poise;
  • Think on your feet under pressure.

2022 Invitational Schedule

Program tuition: $1850.

Speak to Inspire: May 16-17, Golden Gate Club, San Francisco

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